The magic of the elastic band on your hat

October 21st, 2014  by Natalya Bythewood   |   Comment

I realized that a lot of my new customers will be afraid to try a hat on, when they see the elastic. And always it takes me the essential time to explain them, that probably most of the hats  must have the elastic, as a great commodity for the client.  So, here is an explanation why and how to wear it.

how to wear the hat with elastic band

How to wear hats

The elastic is there to hold your hat, fascinator, pillbox on your head in case of wind, wrong hat move and to keep it on your head at a certain angle. It sets the hat on our head and you should not worry to loose it. It must be hidden under  your hair, then it becomes invisible, especially if dyed with the same color as your hair. Do not try to pull  it under your chin, please!!! That indeed looks funny. Also a small trick to it. If by some reason you bought a hat with the elastic band, that does not match to color of your hair. Buy the permanent marker of your hair color and … paint your elastic band with this marker. Then it will blend into your hair perfectly.

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