How to take care of veil on your hat

October 21st, 2014  by Natalya Bythewood   |   Comment

A lot of my customers are asking me how to fix the veil on your hat, if it looses the shape. Yes, it is disappointing indeed and veils are becoming more and more fashionable. But you CAN fix it yourself. Just follow the instructions and please, be careful- hats are very fragile to water, heat and steam, especially the once, that are done on buckram, covered with fabric and straws. Here we go:

how to fix the veil on your hat yourself

how to fix the veil on your hat yourself

Find or buy the biggest salad bowl done out of wood. Cover your hat ( preferably everything underneath the veil) with the food plastic wrap, so the hat itself does not get damaged. Set the bowl upside down. Put the hat on top of the bowl. Fix  the veil around the bowl, so it sits in front further  then your face and pin it with dressing pins.  Prepare the kettle with water. When the water in the kettle starts boiling, CAREFULLY!, bring your hat with the bowl and steam it around the veil for several minutes. Do everything possible in order to steam the veil, not the body of the hat! Let it sit afterwards on the bowl for 1 hour. You can even spray it with starch ( again, the veil, not the hat. That is why you MUST cover the body of the hat with plastic wrap). In one hour your pretty veil looks fresh and nice.

PS. As even this procedure is not a brain surgery, you must remember several things. All hats are sensitive to heat, steam and water. If you steam  not around the veil, but directly into the hat body- it might loose the shape in no time. So, if you are not sure about yourself, find a milliner next to you, and he will be glad to fix that.

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