How to renew or clean your felt hat by yourself

November 24th, 2014  by Natalya Bythewood   |   Comment

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Cleaning your hat is much easier then you can imagine. Buy a pet brush or suede brush

Put your kettle on the stove until the water boils.

Steam the hat a little bit ( like one-two-three-four-five-enough! ) otherwise the hat  will loose the shape and brush it in that area with a pet/suede brush.Brush your hat in a round circles against the nap. Steam and brush, steam and brush.

In 10 minutes your hat will look like  brand new!

PS. If you have grease signs,etc.- sorry, but you have to find professional to get rid of them.

PPS. If you have any questions on maintaining your hats, I shall be glad to advise you.

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