How to renew or clean your felt hat by yourself

November 24th, 2014  by Natalya Bythewood   |   Comment

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Cleaning your hat is much easier then you can imagine. Buy a pet brush or suede brush

Put your kettle on the stove until the water boils.

Steam the hat a little bit ( like one-two-three-four-five-enough! ) otherwise the hat  will loose the shape and brush it in that area with a pet/suede brush.Brush your hat in a round circles against the nap. Steam and brush, steam and brush.

In 10 minutes your hat will look like  brand new!

PS. If you have grease signs,etc.- sorry, but you have to find professional to get rid of them.

PPS. If you have any questions on maintaining your hats, I shall be glad to advise you.

Hat Repair, Restoration, Resizing, Alterations and Renovation on Long Island, NY.

November 18th, 2014  by Natalya Bythewood   |   Comment

I will gladly help you to turn your old hat to a new one. 

For inquiries, please, send the mail to or call the number (516) 32-1573 and leave a voice mail. I shall call you back as soon as possible.

Here is a price-list:

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Size Chart For Hats

November 17th, 2014  by Natalya Bythewood   |   Comment

X-Small Size   – 6 5/8                        Inches- 20.5                   Centimeters- 53

Small Size         -6 3/4- 6 7/8           Inches 21-21.5               Centimeters 54-55

Medium Size  – 7- 7 1/8                    Inches 21.8-22.2          Centimeters 56-57

Large Size        – 7 1/4- 7 3/8            Inches 22.6-23              Centimeters 58-59

XL Size              – 7 ½- 7 5/8              Inches 23.4- 23.8         Centimeters 60-61

XXL Size           – 7 3/4- 8                   Inches 24.2- 25            Centimeters 62-64

The magic of the elastic band on your hat

October 21st, 2014  by Natalya Bythewood   |   Comment

I realized that a lot of my new customers will be afraid to try a hat on, when they see the elastic. And always it takes me the essential time to explain them, that probably most of the hats  must have the elastic, as a great commodity for the client.  So, here is an explanation why and how to wear it.

how to wear the hat with elastic band

How to wear hats

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How to take care of veil on your hat

October 21st, 2014  by Natalya Bythewood   |   Comment

A lot of my customers are asking me how to fix the veil on your hat, if it looses the shape. Yes, it is disappointing indeed and veils are becoming more and more fashionable. But you CAN fix it yourself. Just follow the instructions and please, be careful- hats are very fragile to water, heat and steam, especially the once, that are done on buckram, covered with fabric and straws. Here we go:

how to fix the veil on your hat yourself

how to fix the veil on your hat yourself

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Madame Isabelle Picco, Ambassador of Monaco to the United Nations wears hat by Natalya Bythewood

October 20th, 2014  by Natalya Bythewood   |   Comment

One of the best Gourmet Receptions that I have attended, celebrating “Flavors of Monaco”, a week of Monegasque cuisine.  Featuring executive chefs from the Principality: Chef Christian Garscia ( executive Chef to H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco) and Chef Philippe Joannes (  Executive Chef of the Fairmont Monte Carlo).

Madame Ambassador of Permanent Mission of Monaco to UN wears a pillbox by ” Natalya Bythewood Millinery”. The reception could not have been better.

Madam Isabelle Picco wears pillbox by Natalya Bythewood

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My hats in Theater Review

July 22nd, 2014  by Natalya Bythewood   |   Comment

Some time ago I was offered to do the hats for the PTP/NYC ( Potomac Theatre Project) for the main characters of “Gertrude: The Cry”. I had a pleasure to collaborate with Danielle Nieves, very talented costume designer.

It was a great experience creating hats, that suit particular epoch and particular character and being able to highlight the character itself.

Pamela J. Gray, who played Gertrude is famous ( besides Broadway performances)  for her appearance in films “The Stranger”, “Safe Harbor”, “The Devil’s Advocate”, etc.,etc.,

Rebel Yell: Gertrude—The Cry
NY Theater Review by JK Clarke

Danielle Nieves’ costumes are highly stylish and powerful, featuring (and this is a rare mention in a review) the absolutely elegant hats from Natalya Bythewood Millinery.”

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Hats Off to UN Wives (Photo Gallery)

July 22nd, 2014  by Natalya Bythewood   |   Comment

10294238_10203279180916722_1143446280797847241_n 10369131_10203279185556838_5316941198754011700_n

I think every of these Ladies looks fantastic in my hats! Don’t you? New York magazine ” The Epoch Times” published the following article

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Spouses of the ambassadors – celebrated first time ever

July 22nd, 2014  by Natalya Bythewood   |   Comment

So proud to show my hats for such  exclusive Ladies! No only that they loved my creations, most of them bought a hat of mine for their formal receptions!


The Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations in cooperation with the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and Natalya Bythewood Millinery, with the support of the Déjavu Fashion Group announced a special event – the “Hat Magic Party”, to be held at the Déjavu Fashion Group Art Gallery in New York on May 21st 2014. Read the rest of this entry »