natalyaNatalya Bythewood

Why did I fall in love with her Majesty the Hat?

I was lucky to have started my career, many years ago, in the fashion world as a fashion TV host. Doing that, I was travelling twice a year to the Fashion Weeks in London, Paris, Milan, New York, Moscow and other cities, and there, conducting interviews with the world’s best designers. At the same time, I had to detect trends and styles, and then to tell that to the viewers of my TV show. Some of my casts can be seen on Later I started to work with several European magazines, writing articles about fashion trends and the world of luxury.

Covering fashion shows, I can see how the real couture art is dying and the counterfeit market rapidly emerging. It made me wonder about what a woman of status could put on, so that no one would suspect her of wearing a fake. You cannot detect, anymore, if someone’s diamonds are real or not, if the "IT" bag is done in China or in Italy, if the Swiss watch is really made in Switzerland or if any of what is worn is just a good knock off. I wondered what is left, that cannot be even suspected to be a counterfeit. There are not that many things that belong to that category anymore, unfortunately, except for real furs, cars, houses and … hats. Yes, here comes her majesty The Hat!


From: Sharon Pierson 

Just had to let you know how exquisite нour hats are!  We went to the PTP/NYC production of (Gertrude: The Cry) last night and I was completely struck by the hats!  So pleased they put a full page insert in about you, which got a lot of attention.

From: Kathryn Kates

Oh, you genius!!! OUR HATS FOR THE PLAY ARE INCREDIBLE. Completely breathtaking and amazing